Used Cargo Pant Used Flame- Retardant Coveralls 100% Cotton Work Pants
    Used Cargo Pant Used Flame- Retardant Coveralls100% Cotton Work Pants


    • FR-Flame Resistant
    • 100%Cotton
    • ARC rated-ATPV 11.2
    • Wah-n-Wear
    • Note: Exact Style and color may vary from photo






    100% Cotton-Used Work Shirt B Grade Flame Retardant Work Pants Black Work Pants
    100% Cotton-Used Work ShirtB Grade Flame Retardant Work PantsBlack Work Pants


    Flame Retardant Work Pants

    Contains Imperfections

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    Coverall-100% Cotton-Reflective Used Flame Resistant Jean Used Reflective Work Shirt
    Coverall-100% Cotton-ReflectiveUsed Flame Resistant JeanUsed Reflective Work Shirt

    100% Cotton Reflective Stripe Heavy Duty Zipper Exact style and stripe may vary

    USED Flame Resistant Jean 100% Cotton Arc Rating 20.7 Wash n Wear Jean may Vary from Photo

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